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Lake Segara Anak, A Holy Lake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Lake Segara Anak, A Holy Lake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Lake Segara Anak in Lombok, which implies offspring of the ocean, lies in the hole of Mount Rinjani. The lake is so excellent with cool normal temperature of the encompassing zone. The cool temperature is come about because of its elevation of around 3,775 above ocean level. The aggregate territory of the lake is around 1,100 sections of land, while the normal profundity is 230 m. In spite of the fact that the encompassing zone is very cool, the lake itself is warmed.

The temperature of the lake is around 20 to 22oC. It is around 5 to 7oC over the normal temperature in such height. When you visit the lake, you will see a volcanic cone of Mount Baru at the west end of the lake. With the volcanic cone, the lake shapes like a sickle.

Area Lake Segara Anak in Lombok

Lake Segara Anak is arranged in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Unequivocally, the lake is in Sembalun Lawang Village, East Lombok District, Sembalun Regency at the facilitate of 8°25′00″ S and 116°28′00″ E. The lake is substantial, with the surface region of 11.3 km2, and it can hold water of around 36 Giga-liters. The surface rise of the lake is 2,008 m. In spite of the fact that the lake is very remote, you won’t lament of your visit. The scene of the lake is so shocking. You can unwind and invigorate your psyche with the awesome perspective of the lake. The lake is totally encompassed by all encompassing perspective. In any case, it isn’t just the scene that influences the lake to look so dazzling, yet additionally the towns around the lake. The towns are so extraordinary, while the general population live in conventional lifestyle. Subsequently, when you visit the island, you can appreciate the excellence of the nature alongside customary culture of the general population who live around the lake.

Lake Segara Anak in Lombok
Lake Segara Anak in Lombok

Exercises Lake Segara Anak in Lombok

The primary movement that you can do in the lake is trekking. You can trek around the Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak. As already specified, the scene around the lake is stunning to the point that a trekking action will be fun and energizing. You will have an extraordinary enterprise trekking around the lake and the mount. Aside from trekking, you can likewise find out about the conventional lifestyle of the nearby individuals. Segara Anak is esteemed a blessed place. For neighborhood individuals, the lake holds a profound otherworldly noteworthiness. Religious functions are held in this lake each fifth full moon. You can visit the lake when the functions are held. You will have an opportunity to perceive how little gold fish are discharged into the lake. The arrival of the gold fish is expected to respect the goddess Enjini, a ruler that used to administer at Mount Rinjani.

Housing Lake Segara Anak in Lombok

When you visit Lake Segara Anak, you will have numerous choices of inns to remain. The lodgings are not very a long way from the lake. Among the closest lodgings to the lake incorporate Pondok Senaru Hotel (8.96 km), Rinjani Beach Eco Resort (17.42 Km), Medana Resort (18.87 Km) and The Oberoi (19.16 Km). Select one of this lodging suits to your inclination to spend the night.

After you have gone by Lake Segara Anak, you can go home, clearly with an extraordinary ordeal of enterprise that you will always remember in your life time.


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