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Gili Labak, A Hidden And Fantastic Paradise At Sumenep East Java

Gili Labak, A Hidden And Fantastic Paradise At Sumenep East Java

Gili Labak Sumenep Sumenep East Java may sound interesting and new goal for oversea sightseers since they should be more natural to Gili Grawangan in Lombok. Be that as it may, never jugde and think about the island you visit and investigate it. Gili Labak itself is a little island and in 2016 ends up a standout amongst the most needed vacationer goal for explorers, particularly for nearby travelers to get another goal and new involvement in East Java.

Indeed, even extreme Gili Labak isn’t a standard goal yet, however since the netizen discussing it, they inquisitive to know further about the area. The stunning and beautiful perspectives that are distributed in web make the genuine explorers specifically incorporate Gili Labak to the following goal. On the off chance that you need to find out about Gili Labak, read on this article beneath.

Gili Labak Sumenep Sumenep East Java transportation area

Gili Labak lies at Kombang Village, Talango sub-region, Sumenep Regency, East Java, and unequivocally at the east of Poteran. The island used to get a name as Tikus Island or Rats Island in light of the fact that the area is covered up. Be that as it may, now, it more populer with the name of Gili Labak. You can take private auto, bike, or open transportation to Gili Labak. On the off chance that you land at Kalianget around evening time, you can remain at the inhabitant houses that near Kalianget Port by paying IDR50k – IDR70k every night.

gili labak sumenep madura indonesia
gili labak sumenep madura indonesia

On the off chance that you take open transportation, you can pick this elective course : Surabaya – Sumenep transport terminal (IDR60k) – open transportation or ojek/taxi bike or bemo to Kalianget (IDR20k) – intersection to Gili Labak by pontoon (IDR400k – IDR500k round outing for 18 travelers). As a matter of fact, there are numerous course you can take and it depends to where you originate from.

1. Kalianget Port

This ia a typical course to Gili Labak in light of the fact that open. From Sumenep City, you can go specifically toward the east around 10 km until the point that Kalianget Port. At the port, you can take traveler vessel or lease a watercraft for yourself to take you to Gili Labak Island. The excursion takes around 2 hours.

2. Lobuk Village

For voyagers who come outside of Sumenep City, you can pick Lobuk Village. The town has a dock and turns into the just a single elective course to Gili Labak, Gili Raja, and Gili Genting. From Sumenep Regency, after touch base at the Bluto T-crossing point you can take a heading to one side and go straitgh on toward the east until the point that you meet a little dock. There, you can hold a watercraft to sail to Gili Labak.

3. Tanjung Saronggi

Voyagers additionally can take other course to Gili Labak, i.e. Saronggi. From Saronggi T-convergence, you can pick the course toward the east. Simply take after the street until the point when you meet the shoreline. Close to the shoreline, there is a dock and you can lease a pontoon to Gili Labak.

4. Kombang Village

The following course to Gili Labak is through Kombang Village. This is the briefest intersection spot by vessel in light of the fact that the town is situated at Talango sub-region. From Sumenep City, you can pick the street toward the east until Kalianget. Simply go straight on to Talango until the point when you touch base at Kombang Village. You can lease a vessel to Gili Labak by bring down costs and shorter time.

This is an ideal opportunity to investigate Gili Labak Sumenep Sumenep East Java

As you cruise by a watercraft to Gili Labak, you will meet a few islands that resemble coasting. On the off chance that the climate amicable to you, it will be less demanding to witness angle pens and little docks too. And afterward, welcome to Gili Labak, a concealed heaven in Sumenep. Maybe, the outing is depleted however when you arrive, it is gone all of a sudden on the grounds that you most likely will astound seeing marine display with precious stone water around the island. The coral reefs likewise look so sound and it would seem that holding up to be investigated.

There is one thing you need to do adjacent to marine games in Gili Labak, i.e. walking the island. With a little zone (5 hectares), it needs just 30 minutes – 1 hour to do it. A large portion of neighborhood inhabitant function as anglers, begin from cruising, cleaning the fish, dry it, and after that send it to the market. It is a typical view in Gili Labak to see overlay dried anchovy. The odor is exceptionally impossible to miss. You additionally can catch the view and marine life from an ideal point with your camera. The white sand and the degree of turquoise shading. You will see the water crafts that are cruising around Gili Labak looks drifting over the coral reefs.

gili labak sumenep madura diving
gili labak sumenep madura diving

After fulfilled catching the photos, you can begin investigating submerged of Gili Labak. The greater part of sightseers intend to snorkel and jump. On the off chance that you want the same, you better bring your gear from home on the grounds that there is no rental hardware here. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you join to movement operator, you may get it from them. The profundity of the water at Gili Labak is from 1.5 – 4 meters. Indeed, before you bounce into the water, you can see gathering of fishes and coral reefs effectively.

In the wake of swimming and plunging, you can ask consent to neighborhood inhabitants to clean yourself in light of the fact that the offices for this one isn’t accessible, yet. From that point onward, you can begin to chase nearby culinary. You can taste neighborhood culinary and youthful coconut (IDR8k). On the off chance that you arrange a bundle (IDR100k) it is sufficient for 5 people.


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